About the Authors

Phil Staunton - Head of Design at Innovate Product Design

Phil Staunton is Managing Director of D2M Innovation. D2M specialise in Patent advice, product design and prototyping for people with new product ideas. D2M is the first company to combine engineering product design with patent and trademark attorneys to ensure an idea is developed and protected properly and cohesively.

He was previously Head of Design at Innovate Product Design Ltd in Salisbury, Wilts. Phil graduated from Loughborough University in 2006, in Industrial Design and Technology, with a first class degree.

He was a finalist in the RSA design awards 2005 and build an underwater video camera controlled by a laptop for his major design project. His experience includes working for Ambient Pressure Diving in Cornwall and developing on over a hundred in new inventions while working as a designer for Innovate Product Design Ltd.

Recently Phil has discovered that life as the eternal optimist coupled with a problem solving aptitude lends itself to spotting to business opportunities and has focused more on developing the marketing and promotion side of Innovate resulting in considerable growth. However product design remains his passion and particularly developing young designers.

Phil is a regular speaker at Ideas 21 events and offers free advice sessions for would be inventors at the British Library. He is a member of 2 related organisations: The Institution of Engineering Designers and the Institute of Patentees and Inventors. Working for an invention development company, Phil has developed considerable knowledge in protecting intellectual property and licensing an idea.

When not at work Phil is most likely to be found playing with his young son William, helping at Salisbury Vineyard church or working on home improvements. Mountains and teaching sailing have a particular draw as well!

Some recommendations of Phil’s work at Innovate Product Design:

“Phil is a nice person to do business with and clearly provides inspiration and strong leadership to his team.” November 23, 2009

Chris Gidwell , Associate , Sebastian Conran Associates

“A very driven individual and largely responsible for Innovate’s rapid rise from a a three man team, to one of the largest design consultancies in the South West.

Phil’s experience in mechanical design enables him to continue to make a valuable contribution to design projects, in addition to his primary responsibilities as Head of Design. His greatest asset in building a strong team, is the recognition and fostering of his designer’s core strengths.

He is certainly one to watch in the design industry, as he pursues innovative new ways to expand the company further.” November 1, 2009

Robert Curtis, Head of Prototyping , Innovate Product Design

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