New Product Designer joins the D2M team!

Product DesignerSophie is a Product Designer who enjoys creative and technical challenges and has a firm appreciation of end-user requirements.

A former In-House Designer at Maclaren, Sophie was part of the team which developed their award-winning Grand Tour LX buggy, as well as working on a host of other Mother and Baby products. She took designs from concept to manufacture, and also visited and directly worked with the China factories which produced the high-quality products.

Sophie has also worked at two UK manufacturers, dealing with projects for large firms and overseeing her part designs right through production at the on-site factories. This experience has enabled Sophie to develop a considered approach with a knowledge of production capabilities.

Sophie believes that one of the most satisfying parts of her work is seeing her designs on the market and in use. So she is very excited to be a part of D2M and helping our clients make that happen.

Find out more about the D2M design team on our About Us page: D2M Product Design & Patenting Team

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