10 Tips on How to Choose a Product Designer

Here is what to look for before commissioning a product designer:

  1. Always insist on meeting the company in person – if possible meet someone with a design background who can give feedback on the viability of the concept.
  2. Check that what you are paying for is more than a pretty picture. It is essential that your product is possible and so make sure materials, manufacturing and mass production will all be considered in the design process. (You don’t necessary need all the fine detail at this stage but equally you don’t want to present your idea only to have someone say “You can’t make that.”)
  3. Check that you get on with your designer and they fully understand your vision for the final product. You will be working with them for the while so both these elements are key.
  4. If protecting your idea is crucial to its success, then make sure you commission a product designer who understands Intellectual Property protection.
  5. Always insist on seeing and reading the company’s Terms and Conditions – check these to ensure that all the IP around the project belongs to you and not them.
  6. Ask to see some previous work to check the quality.
  7. Ask for three recent references and then ask these references detailed questions about how they found the process and whether they would use them again.
  8. If you need to prototype or put your idea into production then make sure your designer has experience and knowledge of doing this.
  9. If you are an individual looking to take a product a market, choose a designer who understands the whole process and can support you in more than just the CAD design stage.
  10. Make sure you use a designer with industry standard CAD software to build your idea and that they will release the CAD files to you at the end of the project without further charge. These files can be used for prototyping and potentially manufacture. IGES or STEP format are most universally accepted.
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